How to clean your coffee maker

How to clean your coffee maker

Coffee has become an energy drink and trigger a good mood for many of us to start the day. That is true, however, must come before anything ... coffee clean coffee.

Clean your coffee machine regularly will ensure that your coffee will taste fresh and eliminate any deposits of limestone.

Did you know that you can clean your coffee pot with tablets for dentures?
That is true! Tablets for dentures, that are traditionally used to clean dentures to keep the bright clean, can also be used as your coffee machine cleaning tool!

What makes tablets for dentures effective cleaning solution?
With ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sodium hypochlorite and citric acid, tablets for dentures can be disinfected, Bleaching and easily remove stains!

Here are the benefits of using these tablets :

  •  They are an ecological cleaning solution.
  •  They are cheaper and economical , as a tablet package usually costs only 10 dollars.
  • There is no strong smell treat .
  • They save you time and energy because you do not need to scrub stains.

How to clean your coffee pot with tablets for dentures:

Auto-Drip Coffee Maker:

Fill the back of the automatic drip tank with lukewarm water. Place two tablets in water and let them dissolve completely. Run the coffee maker in a regular cycle and once completed, only fill the tank with warm water and repeat.

Clean a Keurig is very similar to automatic drip process. Simply fill the tank with warm water, drop some pills and let them dissolve. Performing the mixture into cups until the tank is completely empty. Repeat the process with warm water only and your Keurig will be like new.

French press:
For a French press, you must remove all the pieces for a deep cleaning. Separate the cover, the piston, filters and discs, then rinse all residues. Fill the sink with warm water and place three to four tablets for dentures. Once they are completely dissolved, add the parts of the French press. Let stand until residues have almost completely eliminated, wipe off any excess and dry with a towel.

Automatic espresso machine:

For automatic espresso machine, put two to three tablets into the water tank, let dissolve, and the machine are operating as normal for receiving the solution. Cleaning will be complete because , the solution will go through all the elements and make the machine as new.

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