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More and more, we are hearing in the media about the harmful health effects of chemicals in conventional cleaning products. The supreme irony, while it is hoped that these products will help us get rid of germs, bacteria and other unhealthy substances found in our homes, they can actually do more harm than good. This is because these cleaning products can introduce new contaminants due to the chemicals they contain. Cleaning and maintaining our home therefore becomes the problem rather than the solution.

This is why more and more people are turning to so-called green or ecological cleaning products. These products are based on vegetable and mineral materials and do not contain chemicals.

Some people still hesitate to use an ecological cleaning product because of doubts about their effectiveness. These products have evolved a lot since their inception on the market. More and more green cleaning products have the same level of effectiveness as conventional products, and they have the advantage of providing a natural freshness that you can't find elsewhere.

A new concept: ecological cleaning ...

Why risk your health and that of your family during housekeeping? Embrace the concept of ecological cleaning that Le Chiffon Vert offers you.

It's actually fairly easy. Our housekeeping service only uses Ecologo certified products. Ecologo is a Canadian program to recognize green products and is considered the gold standard for green products in North America. We go even further with the use of equipment recognized to reduce pollution and contaminants. Each of our services, from window cleaning to cleaning, aims to purify your environment.

Respect for the environment and the health of our customers and employees is at the heart of our concerns. We have built Le Chiffon Vert to offer all those who share this commitment a healthy and ecological alternative for housekeeping and cleaning.

Whether you are a mother of a family or a manager of a company, you certainly care about the health of those who are dear to you and of your employees. Do not use any more harmful products for the cleaning of your house and your premises. Contact us and we can quickly establish a regular cleaning quote that is healthy and not harmful to the environment.

A cleaning service for individuals or professionals

We offer our cleaning services for families with an efficient and economical residential cleaning offer. We also work in businesses, shops, offices and also medical establishments. Whatever your need, we offer a cleaning and maintenance service for your premises, tailor-made, and adapted to your expectations and your constraints.

Professional quality cleaning

Our teams are trained to provide you with high quality cleaning. Our cleaning routines are established to establish a perfect organization of work and ensure that each place is treated equally. It is also for us the means of ensuring constant quality services.

We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers. This of course requires perfect cleaning, but also the quality of the service provided: punctuality, respect for privacy, discretion and politeness.

We adapt to your expectations and your environment and we can intervene in any type of premises to provide you with high-level cleaning and housekeeping.

The continuous monitoring of our services ensures us to provide you with a constantly improving cleaning service.

We think first and foremost about the quality of life of our customers . With our cleaning service, we want to offer you with each of our visits a clean and healthy home, office or business perfect for receiving clients and visitors - as well as a touch of natural purity…!

" Ask for a free quote for any cleaning needs.