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Do you have liability insurance?

We have an insurance policy with a major Canadian company valued at 2,000,000$, which gives you peace of mind.

There are a lot of home cleaning companies. Why should I choose yours over another?

We have been cleaning homes like yours for several years. For us, the customer is at the center of our concerns: we like them to have a smile on their face. Plus, we use green cleaning products, HEPA vacuums, and microfiber cloths to reduce pollutants and other chemicals in your environment when cleaning.

Who will clean my house?

A team of two highly trained and qualified people will come to clean your house. This is a professional team with years of housekeeping experience.

Do I need to provide cleaning materials and products?

We provide all the necessary cleaning materials and products. If you have a specific cleaner that you would like us to use, please let us know at the time of the free estimate.

What if I am not satisfied with the service?

100% satisfaction guaranteed! If for any reason you are not satisfied with our cleaning service, we will come back for free for a second housekeeping within the next 24 hours.

How much does your housekeeping service cost for an entire house?

Each house is unique, like its owner. We base the price of a door-to-door service on many factors, including number of floors, square footage, number of bathrooms and footprint. During our visit for a free estimate, we will give you the exact price. This one is still very competitive. We have the rates detailed in a table that we will show you during the estimate. For reference, our rates vary between 60$ for a small apartment, and up to 120$ for a large two-storey house…. Our average price is 80$.

Will it cost the same every time you clean my house?

Yes of course ! You will always pay the same price, which will have been discussed during the free estimate for the cleaning and maintenance of your home.

Do you always come at the same time to perform regular housekeeping services?

We come to your home on the day and at the time agreed upon at the time of the free estimate. If you want to change the residential cleaning schedule for any reason, just give us a call, we'll do our best to make it right.

Do I have to be at home during the cleaning?

Not at all. In fact, most of our clients prefer not to be at home during our visit.

How do I schedule an appointment with Le Chiffon Vert?

It's simple: Call 514-995-3265 to speak to a Chiffon Vert representative. They will be more than happy to answer all your questions and make an appointment with you for the free estimate of an upcoming housekeeping service.