What kind of household products you use ?

What kind of household products you use ?

To choose the cleaning business that suits you, it is important to know your cleaning products.

First of all, you should ask if you need to provide the product or if the maids will do. It is important to know, as this may cause higher costs than you realize if you have to provide your own products.

The fact of finding a company that brings its own products and supplies will save you money.

At Lechiffonvert, our teams use environmentally friendly cleaning products, because there are those environmentally . The use of these products is not only better for the environment, but you can also feel secure in knowing that the use of his last is also healthier for you, your family and even your pets.

We are very proud to use products that meet environmental standards.

EcoLogo® certified products are proven to reduce the impact of UL Environment Environmental. To receive certification, a product must be tested and rigorous scientific audits to demonstrate compliance with the strict standards of environmental performance of third parties.

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