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What is the difference between a regular cleaning and a big cleaning?

Regular cleaning is cleaning that our clients take on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. That is, customers see their housekeeping teams regularly. Regular cleaning is a set of predefined tasks that are performed on each visit to customers. To find out the cleaning plan on our website, please click on the following link: https://lechiffonvert.ca/menage-residentiel/

Our regular cleaning allows our clients to have a clean house all year round and to take advantage of their time to do what they love instead of spending 2 hours or more each weekend doing cleaning their homes. If a couple spends 2 hours per week cleaning, it is assumed that they are paid for this household on average 120$ if we consider that the salary of each is 30$. This is why hiring a housekeeping service company is a good deal, because in general the amount to be paid to the professional team is much lower than the wages of the clients.

Housekeeping is a service that we offer to our customers only once on occasion, either after renovation / construction work, after moving / refurbishment or simply once a year when customers decide to have a repair done. big Spring cleaning.

General cleaning includes heavy tasks, such as: cleaning windows, oven interior, refrigerator interior, washing walls, deep cleaning of bathrooms, interior of kitchen cabinets, cleaning chandeliers, garage cleaning, disinfecting the cuffs of doors and switches, disinfecting the toilets… etc.

Unlike regular housekeeping, housekeeping tasks are decided by the client. It defines its needs and our teams spread it on demand.

The cleaning fees vary from one house to another depending on the tasks to be done and the size of the place. For a free estimate, please complete the following form: https://lechiffonvert.ca/estimation-gratuite/