Hygiene guaranteed with Green or ecological household !

Hygiene guaranteed with Green or ecological household !


The 7 ideas of hygiene for your health

Taken from the book of Dr.. Frédéric Saldmann «the best medication is you»! » here 7 ideas to take your health in your hands !
1 – Sponges, toilet gloves and wet wipes are genuine landmarks to microbes. Single use before washing. Never reuse them when they are wet and do not share them with other members of the family.

2 – Always close the toilet lid before pulling the flush. It avoids the aerosol effect whereby the germs are found in the lungs.

3 – Regularly change his pillow is important because after two years, 10% of its weight corresponds to dead mites or mites... droppings eurk!!

4 – When you make a number two, It is advisable to place a small stool in the front of the toilet to raise the feet while sitting. This position allows to partially remove the rectal fold caused by sitting. Economy of one hour per week and better evacuation (less bloating and hemorrhoids).

5 – After a flu, change your toothbrush. For the sake of economy, wash your toothbrush in the dishwasher from time to time.

6 – 92% mobile phones are coated with microbes. A regular toilet of your television remotes is also recommended.

7 – In a cafe, instead of taking the mug with the right, twist and rotate the handle to the left. You drink and not in the same place as everyone drinks. It lowers the risk of transmission of cold sores or gastroenteritis.[:]