The 20 tips for the home

The 20 tips for the home

our blog, aims to make your life easier with tips and cleaning tips directly from our experts The cloth. However, we know that everyone has busy schedules, we chose a quick list of the most useful suggestions to facilitate the tasks and organization at home. here is 20 of our top tips to help you in your daily tasks.


  • Did you know that if you leave enough dust to accumulate on your smoke detectors, this could make nonfunctional ? Nobody wants it! So, simple cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush attached avoids


  • Clean your mattress using your vacuum cleaner on the surface of the mattress. Ensuite, the necessary with a steam engine to kill any germs, bacteria, mites, bedbugs. If there is a stain on the mattress, a dish liquid solution and baking soda mixed together in a spray bottle rule Case .... Just spray the solution on the stain, then wipe or scrub with a clean cloth.



  • Keep the door mat on both sides of the door: inside and outside. The one from outside should be thicker and hard to remove dirt and dust in the Shoes.

Just after passing a vacuum cleaner with rotating brush on carpets to make them clean.



  • First remove the grates when you clean your oven each year. Mix ½ cup baking soda with 3 tablespoons water, and coat your oven with the mixture. Let it work overnight. Ensuite, wipe the oven with vinegar and a damp cloth. You will find this a bit difficult spot or you do not have time ..... we entrust this task, our team will shine oven.


  • Replace your kitchen sponge every week, get new towels every two years and disinfect the brush for dishes by soaking in water and then putting it in a microwave for 3 min running. This will kill all germs and microbes that could be accommodated in the brush.



  • Wondering how to get rid of old TVs? Televisions contain chemicals that may be harmful to the environment if not disposed properly. Contact a local disposal company unwanted waste to get rid of yours safely.


  • In the reorganization of your refrigerator, anything you store in the refrigerator door must be able to withstand some exposure to heat because they are the first to feel the effects when the door is open. If in Des condiments have, beverages or dairy products (other than milk).



  • Need help pack the kids lunches? No need to waste space with an ice pack. Instead of that, Freeze juice boxes and throw in a. It will thaw in time for lunch while keeping the rest of the food cool.


  • Short of storage space in your closet to keep those summer dresses? The vacuum seal bags are an easy place to store your clothes without taking up too much space.


  • Do you have a wall or central air conditioner ? Do you need to clean it every 4 years ? A poorly maintained system may carry dangerous bacteria. Contact companies specializing in cleaning (no installation) to clean and disinfect your wall unit or your central air ducts.


  • The shower curtain is to change each year. dollar stores sell it at a good price .


  • One trick to perfume the whole house ! : Add 10 essential oil drops of peppermint in your solution when cleaning your floor. Your home will be a true oasis.


  • The duster lambswool attracts dust instead of moving .It the best solution to remove accumulated dust on the shelves and lamps. Do not use the vibrate in plastic, because it moves the dust.


  • To effectively clean your floor, no better than this mixture : 1 tablespoon ecological degreaser, 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and 10 drops of essential oil of peppermint. Degreaser helps remove tough stains, vinegar helps remove soap film degreaser and makes the smooth floor and the essential oil makes the nice house and a real oasis.


  • How to remove the stain of tomato sauce in plastic containers ?

It's very simple like magic : before cleaning the container with soap and water, Wipe the container with absorbent paper towels, and then wash .


  • How to clean and making a brilliant luminaire ?

Remove the bulbs, cover their seats with a ziploc bag and elastic to hold. Preparing a solution in a spray of 1 L : 500ml water, 450ml of alcohol and dish soap 50ml. Spray the luminaire. Place an umbrella upside or towels on the floor to protect against drops falling.


  • How clean walls ?

Prepare a solution of 10 drops of essential oil of peppermint, some soap in a degreasing furnace, and 4 The warm water. (Do not use vinegar on the wall, because it could strip paint ...) With a wet mop in the solution and well wrung, pass on the walls as if they would paint ... Cleaning will be easy, efficiently and with less physical effort. If you run out of time, Our teams are available to help you make the spring cleaning.


  • How to automatically clean the bowls ?

Well, there are know which can be placed either in the water tank or under the seat. Cleaning is done every time you pull the flush.


  • Never pull water hunting, leaving the lid lifted .... There is risk of contamination, microbes could move in the air to be placed in toothbrushes and towels ... Place your toothbrush in the closet when you invite people for fear of error .....


  • ... and the kitchen boards !

To eliminate any risk of contamination, it is important to have a board for vegetables and fruits, one for meat and poultry, and one for fish.


The green cloth is anxious to help you better enjoy your time instead of doing housework at home. It offers regular housekeeping and large households in the Montreal region. Ask for a free estimate online.