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How to properly clean your apartment during the Coronavirus?

The new variant of COVID-19 is worrying to say the least. Administrations, businesses and schools are already working in an exemplary manner to stem its distribution and are making a remarkable collective effort. Unlike the common cold or the flu, public health experts advise observing additional preventive hygiene measures at home, to better contain and slow the spread of this new virus.

In daily contact with a large number of people outdoors and potentially infected surfaces, following basic hygiene measures may not be sufficient when returning home at night. It is therefore imperative to ensure that you keep your interior clean.

Cleanliness is half of health! Also, for a normal household, condo and apartment cleaning should be done two to three times a week, using appropriate ecological and non-toxic household products. In families with a case, cleaning and disinfection with chlorine will be daily.

1. Door handles

cleaning the door handles
Touched repeatedly, they are real germ nests that must be washed with soap, alcoholic antiseptic (at least 70%) or using a solution of 1/9 of bleach mixed. to water. Also wash your hands after each contact.

2. Switches

antiseptic cloth

Give a good wipe with an antiseptic cloth. If no one at home is sick, it usually doesn't have to be. Otherwise, wipe the cloth after each use.

3. Cabinet handles

home cleaning

Important step in home maintenance. Remember to wash them with soap or with an antiseptic cloth. If you don't have enough time to do your home cleaning, call in a professional.

4. Work desk

apartment cleaning

While cleaning the house, clean it or wipe it down with soap or an antiseptic cloth.

5. Coffee tables and other hard surfaces (shelves, dressers, bedside tables, etc.).

Do as in point 4: wipe and clean with soap or an antiseptic cloth.

6. Kitchen counters

kitchen cleaning

Use household cleaning products, or wipe with an alcohol-based antiseptic. If there is no one at home with COVID-19, one application per day is sufficient. Otherwise, after each meal.

7. Household appliances

Cleaning tools

For effective regular home cleaning, thoroughly torch the control panels with alcoholic antiseptic wipes.

8. Sink

After using household cleaning products, rinse thoroughly with hot water.

9. Toiletries (toothbrushes, combs, etc.)

toilet cleaning

Rub any contaminated item well with the alcoholic antiseptic wipe.

10. Toilets (toilets, etc.) bath, shower, bidet

For good disinfection, use chlorinated and / or oxygenated products (hydrogen peroxide, for example), which are effective against coronaviruses, then rinse everything.

11. Cleaning and disinfection of sofas.

sofa cleaning

An alcohol wipe is sufficient for leather sofas, which are the easiest to clean. For the fabric, vacuum, after which you will pass a steamer to kill viruses and bacteria.

12. Housekeeping after moving

air conditioner cleaning

When moving, we strongly recommend that you leave it to a housekeeping professional, who has the right equipment and products for thorough cleaning. In the event of COVID-19 disinfection, a steam sterilization device is used.

For holders of wall mounted or central air conditioners: maintenance and cleaning should be supervised by a professional in the trade. A Google search of the type: "air conditioner cleaning" or "ventilation duct cleaning" will give you a list of specialized companies.

13. COVID-19 patients at home

home cleaning during covid

The proper care of a patient at home requires that he is isolated in a room with an assigned bathroom, being careful to:

  • Clean and disinfect any surface that has come into contact with the patient (toilet seat, faucet, bathtub, shower, switches, etc.).
  • Open the windows wide and ventilate the rooms from time to time.
  • Wear a mask and a pair of gloves for each interaction with the patient, which will be discarded after use.
  • Have the patient wear a mask on each outing and observe a minimum of one meter distance.
  • Minimize travel to better limit any possibility of contamination.

14. Home service provider

If you receive an employee who has come to repair or install equipment in your home, have them wear shoe covers, disinfect their hands and observe the recommended safety distance.

15. Home maintenance team

condo cleaning

If a housekeeping crew were to be in your condo or apartment, it is best that you let them work and get out of your home. Otherwise, each person present must wear a mask and stand at least 1 meter from each other.

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