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Housekeeping and back to school: the opportunity to start on new bases

Here is a new year brewing? Back to school is often an opportunity to set up new organizations to adapt to new schedules, a new way of life! Why not take the opportunity to rethink the maintenance of your home. The Chiffon Vert can give you more free time to devote to your children, to their homework and to provide a healthier environment for your family.


Make life easier for the family thanks to the housekeeping service

The upheavals of the start of the new school year are often an opportunity to review the organization of family life. As children grow older, they have more homework and homework, and schedules are more diverse. For parents it is often a puzzle or at least a little more complicated each year. It is therefore quite normal that some families turn to housekeeping services.
This frees up time for parents who can thus be freer to accompany their children in their school work or in their sports or leisure activities. Family life is then improved and this precious time that you will save can be spent on important things in your children's lives.
In addition, this cleaning can be done at the time of the week that suits you and at the times that suit you. It doesn't interfere with precious moments like the hours your kids spend when they come home from school. And if your children have all different school hours, it is much easier for you to manage. And finally, it ensures that everyone will find a clean and tidy home no matter what time they come home from school.
Back to school is often the time to set up this type of new organization. This is an opportunity for change and to start on new bases. The Chiffon Vert teams are there to advise you and offer you a service tailored to your needs and expectations. Our goal is that you always have a fresh and welcoming home that you and you and your children will feel good about, almost seamlessly for you.
No more spending precious hours cleaning your home. Le Chiffon Vert can take care of it for you! This gives you more flexibility in your schedule, frees your mind and allows you to devote that free time to your family, hobbies and other more rewarding activities.
And in addition, you are guaranteed to have an impeccable and constant service in quality, ensuring you an impeccable and beautiful home at all times! Our teams are of course trained for the sole purpose of providing you with high quality cleaning. Our cleaning routines and processes are established in order to set up a perfect organization of work and to ensure that each place is always treated equally. It is also for us the assurance that we give you that you will receive constant quality services.
The satisfaction of our customers is essential and this obviously requires a perfect cleaning but also other qualities to which we are attached: punctuality, respect for privacy, discretion and politeness.

A healthier environment for the whole family

What could be better than trying to provide school-age children with a healthier environment? The residential cleaning offered by Le Chiffon Vert respects the environment and your health. We only use Eco Logo certified green cleaning products. They are largely just as effective as conventional products, but their impact is less on your health and on the environment. They protect our planet and the future of your family and children.

A big back-to-school cleaning to start the new year?

In the old days our grandmothers had the time, but today hardly anyone can really do a big cleaning twice a year! These days, with kids, careers, and the demands of modern life, we are simply short on time.
But the start of the new school year should be an opportunity to start this new year on a healthy basis. It should be the occasion for a big cleaning to offer everyone a clean and fresh living environment.
Le Chiffon Vert has specially designed a cleaning service. You benefit from a deep cleaning and an exceptional quality cleaning while freeing you time and taking advantage of our affordable prices.
Our teams are perfectly used to cleaning private homes all year round. Our experience, our resources and our equipment allow us to treat your home perfectly and very quickly. You can therefore treat yourself to a good quality cleaning for the start of the school year and allow all your little family to benefit from a perfect home to start the school year on a good basis!