Delegate housekeeping or
how to save a lot of time!

Delegate housekeeping or
how to save a lot of time!

There are many advantages to delegating housekeeping, but the most important is certainly the saving of time. Indeed, entrusting your household to specialists will save you time on several levels.

Your own working time

If you do the housework on your own, you spend your own time doing it. It is easy to understand that this time is saved when you entrust a company like the Chiffon Vert with the cleaning of your house or your apartment.

You can then devote that time to other activities. It can be your job but above all you can devote this time to your relatives or friends. You can thus spend more time with your children (help with schoolwork, accompany them in their leisure or sports activities). You can also spend time with friends for outings (cultural, shopping, leisure) or even devote that time to yourself. Thus, you have more time to practice your favorite sport, or to maintain your body (beauty and aesthetic treatments). In short, you have more free time and it is precious nowadays.

You save time because a cleaning company is more efficient

No matter how many hours you spend cleaning your home, know that a business will spend less time there. First of all, because it is efficient, professional and well equipped. The cleaning process and maintenance routines are codified and the teams always go about treating a house or an apartment in the same way. In addition, very often it is teams of two people who intervene, gaining in efficiency and time.
In addition, the teams intervene with equipment that has been designed to do this kind of work. They have everything on hand and waste little time. In addition, housekeeping companies generally work with products that have proven their worth. They always use the right product for each surface to be treated. Hence a gain in efficiency and time.
This is the case with Chiffon Vert: our teams are of course trained for the sole purpose of providing you with a high quality housekeeping service. Our cleaning routines are established in order to put in place an efficient organization of work and to ensure that each place is always treated equally.
Regarding the products used, the Chiffon Vert has chosen efficiency combined with a healthy and ecological aspect. We only use Eco Logo certified green cleaning products. They are largely just as effective as conventional products, but their impact is less on your health and on the environment. They protect your home, your environment, your family and children as well as the planet.

You do not immobilize your house during cleaning

The advantage of going through a household service company is to be able to choose its intervention schedules. You can thus decide to have your cleaning carried out during your absence. This allows greater efficiency of the teams in general.
And for you it is a tremendous time saver. Each time you find a fresh and clean home where you can relax or devote yourself to various tasks.
You do not waste time in being possibly annoyed by cleaning staff who intervene while you are present and can harm your peace or your activities a little.
Save time with better organization.

Having a time or more in the week when the cleaning of your house is done on a fixed basis is a tremendous time saver. You always have a clean and tidy house. No more wasting time desperately looking for something or the multitude of times you have to spend 5 or 10 minutes doing a "little tidying up".
In addition, when you know that the cleaning teams will intervene shortly, you can leave some crockery to store or even laundry to store in palaces and chests of drawers. It saves precious time on a daily basis.

Put together, you save more time than the simple cumulative time that you would have spent cleaning by yourself. On top of that, you can be reassured that at every important moment of the week (it is you who define the times of intervention), your home is in perfect condition.
In the end, you reap the benefits far greater than the cost involved. And do not forget ! the time lost cannot be made up and that which is gained at an immeasurable value. As they say, time is money!