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The 7 hygiene ideas to take charge of your health

From the book by Dr. Frédéric Saldmann “The best medicine is you! »Here are 7 ideas chosen to take your health into your own hands!
1 - Sponges, washcloths and damp washcloths are real markers for germs. Single use before washing. Never reuse them when they are wet and do not share them with other family members.

2 - Always close the toilet lid before flushing the toilet. It avoids the aerosol effect through which germs end up in the lungs.

3 - Changing your pillow regularly is important because after two years, 10% of your weight corresponds to dead mites or mite droppings… eurk !!

4 - When you do a number two, it is advisable to place a small stool in front of the toilet to elevate the feet while remaining seated. This position allows to partially remove the rectal fold caused by the sitting position. Saving of one hour per week and better evacuation (less hemorrhoids and bloating).

5 - After a flu, change your toothbrush. To save money, wash your toothbrushes in the dishwasher from time to time.

6 - 92% cell phones are covered in germs. Regular washing of your TV remote controls is also recommended.

7 - In a cafe, instead of taking the cup with the right handle, turn it and put the handle on the left. This way, you won't drink from the same place everyone drinks. It lowers the risk of transmissions of cold sores or gastroenteritis. [:]