8 ways to start your spring cleaning

8 ways to start your spring cleaning

Wondering when spring cleaning begins officially?

The first day of spring is 20 mars, but at the approach of warm weather, you might be tempted to leave your cleaning supplies and begin cleaning. Go ahead and take a step ahead, because there are really no rules about when to start the spring housecleaning. And if you're eager to start or wait until the weather warms again, we developed a smart list to help you get the most out of your busy schedule.

Canadians have naturally chosen as the spring time of year to make a great full cleaning, because they had spent the last months locked inside. Before plumbing and modern heating, they kept the fire lit all winter. Soot and ash covered everything, such as soil, windows and carpet. Once though the weather hot, housewives are trying to clean up inside and outside. Modern Canadians do not live in the same conditions as their ancestors, so it is easier to stay at home all year. However, every spring, we have the impulse to clean up and any clutter. We recommend you focus your energies on these tasks:

  1. Clean the house entrance

Chances are good that the mitts, hats or scarves missing . Put all the winter clothes in his place, then put your attention on soil, since because of the salt and small stones there is a risk that wood floors are damaged. “A thorough cleaning will help eliminate these harmful substances and create an excellent first impression of your home when people passed through the gate.

  1. Vacuum the furniture .

Be honest ... you hibernated on the couch eating popcorn during much of winter. That is why the time has come to refresh for spring. Remove the cushions and vacuum all the dust bunnies that lurk below. Locate the cushions in fabric and thoroughly clean leather furniture.

  1. Clean furniture and household appliances.

This is another area where you probably do a job "pretty good" all year, but spring cleaning is the perfect time to remove all the furniture and vacuum beneath and behind. It's the same for devices such as your stove and refrigerator. Remove them from the wall and vacuum behind. Rub the intermediate zone where your appliances are in contact with the counter of your kitchen with an old toothbrush to remove stuck-on food. You can use a degreaser if you wish, but a little warm water and white vinegar will do the same.

  1. Wash your bedding.

Strip the bed, flip the mattress, then wash it all .As you wash your sheets regularly, it's time to take care of the mattress cover, the duvet and pillows, even decorative pillows, that can accumulate dust and mites. Bonus, wash all these pieces will help eliminate allergies, as dander can be caught in the sheets. Same for window curtains ... if they are not washable, at least suck.

  1. Clean baseboards of the bathroom.

Plinth tend to become very dirty due to the humidity of the bathroom and the toilet paper lint. Apply a degreaser baseboards, laissez 10 min and dry with a dry cloth. They become bright.

  1. disinfect all.

This is perhaps not obvious, but all you have touched for months rather dirty, “After months of playing with the remote control by eating buttered popcorn or seeing members of sick family touch each door wrist, it's time to disinfect all”.

Fill a spray bottle ( push-push) 3/4 water, 1/4 bleach and 10 drops of essential oil of peppermint.

Moisten a cloth with the solution and begin to disinfect the cuffs doors, switches, remote controls, phones and even your cell phone to protect you against all diseases. Another hot spot is the trash. "Among the most used kitchen items, the bins may contain many germs and odors ".During that out the bag, take a half vinegar solution / half warm water and clean the baskets.

  1. Clean the filters and air conditioning equipment.

Wall-mounted air conditioner filters or air exchanger are made of plastic and easily cleanable with hot water and soap in each 6 months of operation. For central air conditioner, the filter must be changed at least once a year.

  1. Wash the walls

Cleaning the walls is essential to give fresh home. The easiest and effective way is to use a mop ( choose) that attaches to the support with buttons , and filling a boiler with 3 liters of warm water, some degreaser, and 10 essential oil drops of peppermint or another to you like. Dip the mop into the solution, wring well and clean walls. Let dry at room temperature.

If you do not have time for those spots or you need more things to clean, engage the team sprucing Green cloth.

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