5 ways that cleaning service can bring to your family.

5 ways that cleaning service can bring to your family.



With the new school year, the house can become a crazy space. As the train of life is becoming faster to catch, let the cleaning of your home to a professional team enjoy your family time.


Check out these great benefits enjoyed by our customers through our service.


  1. Our customers have more time to spend with their loved ones.

"We use the services The green cloth for a year now and it was a great decision for us. We both work and have a young daughter. We want to spend time with her on weekends instead of doing housework. We are very grateful for the time of housekeeping us help win. »- Maude & Sébastien Laval


  1. Our cleaning plan allows our customers to find an orderly and clean house.

"Many thanks for cleaning my house. It always smells good after housekeeping and my condo remains more organized. My little family is now in a better state of mind, thank you! »- Parmelia, Montreal


  1. Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that our teams will clean properly objects home.

"We appliances stainless steel in the kitchen and other household items difficult to clean. They are easy to damage if not careful and if you do not know how to clean. thank God, Green cloth team is well trained and paid more attention to my articles. big Thanks !! »- Jean & Caroline Lassalle.


  1. When the house is cleaned regularly, there is no need to stress about guests .

"We can now receive guests at home without being hampered by the disorder. I highly recommend Green cloth. They use effective green products. I have no strong toxic odor home. They made my life so much easier ! »- Katie & Philippe Montreal,


  1. Knowing that the cleaning staff will come helped some clients to declutter their home and keep it free of clutter.

"The cleaning staff is professional and friendly. Their service is really above what we expected. We were well behind in our maintenance and the results were amazing. After the departure of household, we got the bug. The second cleaning was not at all disappointing. Since, we use the service every two weeks. We take a lot more than our house now. This was an incentive to reduce clutter and maintain a home free of clutter. »- Sylvie & Fréderic ,Laval


These benefits do they appear attractive? Make it your reality today by contacting Green cloth to get a free quote online!