House ordered : Impress your visitor in ten minutes

House ordered : Impress your visitor in ten minutes

You know that feeling : you receive a call from the family or a friend who tells you they are in the neighborhood and wants to go home a minute to say hello. Awesome, except that your house looks like a storm that just passed.

Do not be afraid! Even with only ten minutes, you can transform your home even if it is messy in a well-ordered house!

just start at the top of the list and get, the lowest priorities are low.


First impressions are important and, for your home, this means an own entrance. The house of your front door often ends up being the place where the shoes and clutter together. Make sure all shoes are neat, and clutter was collected in a bag and stored to be sorted later.

Required time: 90 seconds


It's easy to cut some corners of the kitchen! If your sink contains dishes that must be cleaned, just put them in the dishwasher. This includes dishes that you must hand wash, like your knives sharp, your pots and your pans. Do not operate the dishwasher, let him keep all the dirty dishes. Ensuite, quickly wipe the kitchen table and countertops with mild soap and a damp sponge.

Required time: 90 seconds


Gather all the clothes, toys and mail and store everything in a bag. This is not the time to sort and organize. Store the bag in a closet or a room that is not used by the guests. Ensuite, quickly wipe tables with mild soap and a damp sponge. Shake the sofa pillows and set them well organized. Fold all the blankets and put them on the couch.

Required time: 90 seconds


Remove any counter except soap and towel. Put everything in a basket temporarily. Make sure there is enough toilet paper. Wipe the sink and the toilet with disinfectant wipes. If necessary, use a cleaner and a toilet brush to clean the inside of the bowl.

Required time: 60 seconds


Regarding soils, concentrate only on high traffic areas such as the living room, the kitchen and corridors (stairs included). For hardwood floors, Dust and dirt tend to accumulate in corners and near baseboards. Targeting these areas with a portable vacuum cleaner. For carpeted floors, Use your vacuum cleaner and clean it if necessary.

Required time: 150 seconds


Close doors to rooms misplaced or unused by customers. This will give you not only a place to store everything you need to hide, but will also help you stay focused on the areas that require your attention.

Scented candles are an easy way to freshen up a room. Turn it into a few and place them in a secure area near the front door and into the living room, especially if this is the place where you intend to spend more time.

If you have to mask odors in the kitchen, use lemon. Throw a few ice cubes and pour some lemon juice in the trash and let them fall several times to remove all of the sink smell of food.

Required time: 90 seconds

Normally, no visitors will surprise you in this holiday season. More, if they do, use these tips to turn your chaotic house an ideal home in less than ten minutes !