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7 ways to make your home more pleasant.

  1. Better dress your windows

Put on heavy curtains in winter and light in summer with a color that matches the color of the walls.

        2. Replenish space

Place branches or fall leaves in the corners of rooms.

        3. Multiply curves

Opt for rounded shapes. We feel attacked without realizing by the sharp angles. Table, frames… ..

        4. Warm up your walls (or accessories)

Bright colors such as mustard yellow or orange, burnt or vitamin red give the impression of raising the temperature and dynamising your daily life.

        5. Double the candles

Even if they are not lit, they give an impression of comfort. So, imagine the degree of well-being when their flames dance before your eyes on a chilly winter evening rolled up in a blanket.

         6. Add your favorite scents

Whether it's bougis or essential oils, the pleasant scent is always a factor in making a place more comfortable.

        7. A clean house is nice

     Cleanliness is the most essential element in keeping a home pleasant to live in. If you are short on time and want to enjoy life, let us take care of your house. We know how you are helping to make it like a real oasis.

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