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Sometimes you can feel like your house is overrun with your children's toys. To help you control this chaos, we've come up with ten easy ways:

1- Organize the toys, small cars together, dolls together… .etc. in plastic bins, and identify each bin based on what contains ...

2- Have a dedicated place for toys, whether in a playroom, family room or in your child's bedroom. This will keep the toys in the area and make it easier to tidy up so you don't have to pick them up from all corners of the house.

3- Store bulky toys as stuffed dolls…. in open shoe racks.

4- If you have a lot of small stuffed animals, a good idea is to put them in the pockets of the shoe organizer which can be fixed on the door or the wall.

5- Invest in storage space that has more than one purpose, i.e. an opening bench or a table with chests at the bottom, in order to make the most of your available space.

6- Limit your child to a specific number of toys for which you have room. When children want a new toy, they have to give up an existing toy that they are not using. This helps control the number of toys and free up space for new toys. Send toys that your kids don't use to charity or hold a garage sale.

7- Encourage your children to put their own toys away in the identified bins.

8- Are you running out of storage space? Use labeled under-bed storage bins to keep toys out of sight.

9- Plan to clean and disinfect all the toys that your children use each month for example, in order to eliminate bacteria and microbes that can develop over time.

10- Avoid having floating toys in the tub. These have been shown to grow inside mold, dangerous bacteria and microbes.

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