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How to maintain your wall-mounted air conditioner

Most often, after purchasing and installing an air conditioner, homeowners begin to operate it in the same way as any other household appliance such as a TV or an iron. At the same time, the well-known principle is taken as a basis - “If it works well - it means everything is in order”. Of course, in the case of a television and an iron, this principle is true.

This technique can operate for several years, virtually without requiring maintenance. However, the air conditioner has a completely different design. And if you don't take care of it, it can fail within the first year of operation.

Typically, the lifespan of an air conditioner is between 10 to 15 years. It all depends on the model to which it belongs. And for the device to function properly, it is necessary to follow the following maintenance tips:


1.Cleaning the air conditioner filters

The role of filters in the indoor unit is very important. They block and prevent dust from entering the evaporator (part responsible for cooling).

Frequency: every month

How: Rinse the filters with lukewarm water to remove most of the dust, put on some dish soap, scrub with a soft brush, rinse with water and air dry or with paper.


2.Disinfection of wall-mounted air conditioner

It is advisable to disinfect your device with an antibacterial disinfectant such as Benefect decon 30 in order to avoid the formation of germs, molds and bacteria. Especially if the air conditioner is located near the kitchen.

Frequency: every month

How: Remove the filters and apply the disinfectant on the evaporator 4 pushes to the right and to the left. Operate the air conditioner to get the product inside.


3.Cleaning the outdoor unit

The outdoor unit or the compressor is the part responsible for compressing the refrigerant liquid and sending it to the indoor unit to provide cooling.

Cleaning frequency: twice a year in early summer and after pollen fall.

How to clean: With a garden hose, clean the back of the compressor to remove dirt, dead leaves and dust.

It is necessary to ventilate the outdoor unit and never operate it if it is obstructed by tree branches.


4.Avoid mold growth in wall-mounted air conditioner

Mold forms quickly when you turn off your device for 2 or more days. We can see white / gray dots on the inside on the wall and on the blower roller.

Frequency: after each prolonged air conditioner shutdown of 2 days or more.

How: Run the air conditioner in fan mode for 30 min before turning it off for an extended period of 2 days or more.


5.Deep cleaning by professionals.

A thorough cleaning of its air conditioning is necessary by professionals. This helps keep the device in good condition for longer.

Frequency: every 3 years.

How: with a water pressure machine by professional cleaning.

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