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In the fall, you still have fine days and fairly mild temperatures to consider a major complete housekeeping before winter and the cold prevents you from doing this correctly (inability to open the windows…). Here are our tips for planning a big fall cleaning that will benefit you all winter long to have a clean and tidy house.
Fall housekeeping can be compared to spring cleaning, although it differs in some aspects and objectives. Here is a list of tasks by type of room that you can use as inspiration to make your own according to what you want and your home.

Tasks common to all parts
• Ventilate the rooms well: this is essential for complete air renewal before winter.
• Wash the curtains: the curtains are a nest of dust and you must clean them before winter (do it yourself or do not call a professional)
• Clean the windows: take advantage of the last good days to do the windows on the outside as well as on the inside.
• Dust & clean the vents: remove all dust mas and make sure to seal off some unnecessary vents before winter.
• Dust & clean the doors, walls, and ceilings: it's up to you to see the degree of work to be done according to their respective states but at least clean the surrounds of door latches, the walls around the doors and windows and remove dust nests from the ceiling.
• Wash / shampoo rugs and carpets
• Move and clean under furniture
• Clean and wash the floors: this work must be done with the appropriate product according to the nature of the floor.
• Clean the heat pump or the air ducts by a professional if it has not already been done for three years.
Living room and lounge
• Thoroughly dust libraries, shelves, tables, photo frames, lamps and suspensions.
• Clean electronic and multimedia devices with a dry cloth
• Sort if necessary: books, magazines, DVDs
• Wash: cushion covers, blankets, and sofa covers
• Vacuum the sofa or shampoo the sofa depending on its material.



• Empty cupboards, drawers and clean them (inside & outside): take out the drawers for more convenience
• Sort utensils, cookbooks, dishes, tea towels
• Empty, sort and clean the pantry: eliminate anything that you think is out of date or is about to be.
• Dust and clean household appliances (indoor & outdoor): washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, oven.
• Fridge / freezer to defrost, clean, disinfect, and dust the ventilation grid for greater efficiency


• Dust the furniture: you can also wax them if necessary
• Empty drawers and cupboards one by one: sort, clean and store clothes, shoes, etc.
• Empty, sort bedside tables
• Remove whatever is under the bed,
• Vacuum the mattress and check bed linens to sort out any damaged or tired ones.


• Empty cupboards, clean, sort and store: remove all expired products and those that seem too old to you
• Sort the towels: eliminate those that are threadbare
• Thoroughly descale the faucet
• Clean the walls of the shower and the bathtub
• Wash or change the shower curtain
Fall cleaning should also be used to put away summer stuff and take out all winter stuff. Depending on where you store them they may need a quick cleaning and / or a little ironing. Then install them on hangers and in your wardrobes. For summer things, sort them out before putting them away and eliminate those that are not to be kept (that's so much space saved).
During the fall cleaning, take the opportunity to do a complete inspection of the seals, door and window closures. The slightest passage of air must be treated and could be a hot air leak and especially an additional cost in your heating budget for the winter.
If this set of tasks seems too important to you or you do not have the time, you can consider using our services for all or part of this work. Le Chiffon Vert has specially designed a cleaning service and service. You benefit from a deep cleaning and an exceptional quality cleaning while freeing you time and taking advantage of our affordable prices.
Our teams are perfectly accustomed to cleaning private homes all year round. Our experience, our resources and our equipment allow us to treat your home perfectly and very quickly. You can therefore treat yourself to a good quality cleaning for the fall before facing winter and be sure that you will leave for this harsh season on a good basis and with a healthy, clean and tidy house!