The cleaning of the house or apartment has long been perceived as an exclusively female task. Even if, over time, and changes in society that idea has changed, it remains a reality for many families. Quebec is no exception and the time spent by women on household remains high and higher than that of men


According to recent studies of the ISQ (Institute of Statistics of Quebec) women spend 3,7 hours a day on household activities ! This remains an important part of the day. These activities include cooking, the machine and also the household who is a good proportion. This number of hours is largely greater than that of men who dedicate 2,5 hours a day on household activities. For men this includes the kitchen, maintenance and repair activities and a small part devoted to household. Although this gap has halved 20 years, it is clear that some tasks are still the preserve of women.


The big change 50 recent years is mainly the employment rate of women. 4 times more women have jobs today compared to years 50 in Quebec. They are therefore far more occupied in the day and have retained the same time a large domestic activity with cleaning and maintenance tasks still predominate. This explains why many of them now have the feeling that the days are too short !


On reading these figures and this evolution, one can easily understand why residential cleaning companies began to gradually emerge. There is 50 years ago, this type of service does not exist in Quebec or elsewhere. He was actually reserved for the upper classes which employed servants to all daily tasks (household, cuisine, washing, interview, security ...).

With the advent of a service company, all of these tasks have been offers from companies specializing. In particular the residential household has increasingly developed around the world and particularly in Quebec.



The residential cleaning market has more than doubled over the 20 last years. At the same time it is highly democratized. The growth of household income has enabled better able to absorb that expense. And above all competition and the development of technical and organization of these services has resulted in lower costs markedly.


At the beginning of the outbreak of home cleaning services, only wealthy families were using this service. It was primarily the ability of purchasing power that dictated the need for the staff to do the cleaning at home. Today the situation has changed. Household consumption studies show that essentially this choice is made today for other reasons. There are actually two essential factors.

The first is the lack of time. When in a relationship, husband and wife taking a job and children to care, it is not always easy to clear enough time to take care of the household at home. This is often a concern agenda that drives families to make the choice to use a residential cleaning service.

The second important point is the quality of life. It is strongly related to the first but adds another concept. Many women want freedom of household tasks to devote more time to their children, their relationship, or recreational activities. The current working generation are clearly the choice of a quality of life preserved. Declining costs of home cleaning services helps to make those choices more balanced life, more rewarding and more focused his.

The concern for quality of service is a factor also quite decisive. Many families are choosing to have a residential cleaning service to be certain to have a house or apartment spotless at all times. The use of professionals is often the guarantee of consistent performance in quality and service level.

The techniques also play a key role. Green cloth for example, offers only benefits achieved with green products. The emergence of health and environmental concerns are preventing many families have at heart to use this service, rather than buying chemicals in supermarket.

The landscape in the household Quebecers families has changed over the decades. But the cleanliness of the home remains a major concern and stores in the important factors of well-being at home : what makes this job, a demanding job and service quality.