A note to our customers

A note to our customers

You are central to everything we do in our company Green Cloth. Your satisfaction of our service we offer is our driving force. This is the main way in which we measure our success. Although the spread of the coronavirus is fast across the province and affects us all in different ways, you stay in the heart of our business.

We are now on break until 13 Avril. All our teams are off work to meet the Prime Minister's instructions, and avoid further contagion. However, we would like to inform you that during this period, we will rethink and revise our cleaning plan and add necessary additional products and disinfectants to provide a superior service.

  • We plan to follow the guidelines and Health Ministry procedures to prevent any kind of contamination.
  • We will take strict measures with our teams so that our clients are satisfied as always, and peace of contagion viruses.
  • We plan to add / reduce our cleaning products.

Whether you are in your house the day of household or working outside, we will inform you of the spots do and why we have made the.

We hope that this pandemic passes quickly without too many casualties.

The green cloth is always listening to its customers and we are hurries to see you after 13 avril.

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