Residential household

Residential household

Residential household in Montreal, Laval & Longueuil

You are overwhelmed with work and do not have all the free time to do the cleaning at home ? You want to have a glowing home clean and fresh, week after week ? Looking for a reliable residential cleaning service, high quality ?

Regular housekeeping service that offers Green Cloth, in the Montreal area, is perfect for you if you want to find a professional and effective help to have a net and always immaculate home.

A quality professional residential cleaning service

We select and train our teams with the greatest rigor to offer a perfect maid service and regular. All of our teams follow cleaning procedures we have established to ensure a constant result and your continuous satisfaction. Our professionalism is the guarantee that you will always have a clean house, sharp and flawless !

A certified green cleaning

The residential cleaning proposed by the Green Cloth is environmentally friendly and your health. We only use certified green cleaning products EcoLogo. They are just as effective as conventional products, but their impact is less about your health and the environment. They protect our planet and the future of your family.

You gain more freedom through our residential cleaning service

Our regular residential cleaning service in the Montreal region, Laval and Longueuil is there to offer more freedom. No need to reserve precious hours cleaning your house. Lechiffonvert takes care of it for you ! This gives you more flexibility in your schedule, you frees the mind and allows you to spend this free time for your family, leisure and other enriching activities. And more, you are guaranteed to have a flawless and consistent service quality, assuring you a flawless and beautiful house at any time !

Plan of cleaning on a visit

    • Emptying the Recycle Bins
    • Dust lamps and furniture
    • Cleanse and purify sinks
    • Clean the kitchen window
    • Cleanse and purify counters
    • Clean and Polish the outside of cabinets
    • Cleaning and polishing the exterior of appliances,
    • Clean the outside and inside of microwave
    • Sweep the storeroom on the floors
    • Wash and sanitize floors
kitchen cleaning
    • Empty the Recycle Bin
    • Clean and sanitize the toilet
    • Clean and sanitize the bathtub
    • Wipe and clean the sink cabinet
    • Shine the chrome
    • Clean and disinfect the door handle
    • Clean and disinfect the switch
    • Clean the mirror
    • Clean the ventilation cover
    • Vacuum the floor and carpet
    • Wash the floor
Bathroom - household
Rooms, rooms and lounge
    • Empty the Recycle Bin
    • Dust and clean the furniture, woodwork and trinkets,.. .etc
    • Clean and disinfect the remotes
    • Remove traces on the walls and doors
    • Dusting the thresholds and borders
    • Clean the Patio Door
    • Clean the mirrors
    • Make the bed of a room at customer's choice
    • Vacuum floors
    • Wash and sanitize floors
Household - bedroom

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